Thoughts on building brands
In business to make profits, are ya?

The New Customer Engine, Part I There’s a well-known saying you’ll hear echoed from the halls of corporate America to the smallest businesses. Heck, you’ve probably heard it on Shark Tank more…

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Marketing vs. Advertising. A love story.

All businesses, great and small, have one commonality – the need for people to think about your brand. It’s the oxygen of business. No cars can be sold or sandwiches served without your brand popping into…

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What a morning. For years we have battled for readers, advertisers and employees with the Dispatch Company. They’re our largest competitor. Today, after a 100+ year run, the print assets of the family-run…

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Authentic? Ask your customers

“Authenticity” is the new buzz-word in marketing circles these days. As it should be. But what does it mean and how do you achieve it with your brand? It’s definition is easy…

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What’s your elevator pitch?

Just because you’ve never tried raising venture capital doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an ‘elevator pitch’ for your business. Imagine being thrust into an elevator (see creepy guy in video) with someone very…

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