Built for Publishers, by Publishers

If free, rack-controlled circulation is your game then credibility is your currency. Advertisers count on your ability to get copies in readers hands – not the recycling bin. As a publisher, we take this responsibility seriously. That’s why we created Eagle Circulation Security. It’s designed to manage and optimize your distribution process while providing peace of mind that the job is getting done the way you want.

Increase Readership

Eagle tracks returns so you can manage quantities on a location-by-location basis. Shifting copies from slow locations to fast-moving ones is the easiest way to increase pick-up and readership.

Save Money

Chronic oversupply in your racks is like flushing money down the drain. By managing your routes with Eagle, you can adjust print quantities to deliver maximum pick-up rates without the financial waste.

Trust but Verify

Have you ever had the sinking feeling some of your distribution people may be doing the unthinkable? Eagle’s real-time GPS lookup verifies delivery personnel are where they say they are.

Powerful Features

  • Data Rules

    Along with keeping accurate, orderly routes Eagle gives you a bird’s eye view of the most important data including: location pick-up history, cume pick-up rates per issue, delivery times per route, rack inventory and more. This data is the foundation of higher pick-up rates and efficient printing quantities.

  • Location, location, location

    Drivers make deliveries using their smartphone while signed into the Eagle app. Eagle checks their location using GPS to verify the delivery was made where they say they are. Custom alerts can be set-up to notify you when the location doesn’t check out.

  • List security

    We think your distribution list is valuable intellectual property. Eagle defends your list by assigning each driver their own login so they have access to only their portion of the entire route. Drivers can have one or multiple routes.

  • Seamless staff transitions

    When its time to replace a driver or just need a temporary fill-in, you’ll have a pre-ordered route complete with bundle quantities. Eagle makes handing off a route simple and foolproof.

  • Display locations on your website

    Eagle lets you easily embed a map showing your distribution locations on your website to help readers find a copy. You can also hide selected locations from the map as well.

  • Multiple titles

    Eagle handles multiple titles and refills with ease. Titles and quantities are assigned to each location so drivers can run refill routes or deliver multiple titles at once within their route.

  • Instant print run adjustments

    If you change your print run permanently, seasonally or around holidays, Eagle lets you adjust quantities for your entire route list with just one entry!

  • Accessible anywhere

    Eagle stores your data securely in the cloud. It’s accesible from anywhere and from any desktop or mobile device.

  • Fully hosted and supported

    Eagle is a turn-key solution which includes hosting and backup of your data along with unlimited support tickets. The system has been extensively tested in our own operations which deliver nearly 2 Million copies and 5 titles annually.

Unlimited secure access. No per-seat fees.

Starting at $395/mo

“The best technology investment you may ever make”

Tangible Benefits

Save thousands of dollars per year in reduced printing costs by cutting down on unnecessary distribution.

Increase pick-up rates and readership through Eagle’s data-driven circulation management.

Know, without a doubt, your publications are being distributed where and how you intend.

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